Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inaugural post

So this is a new blog.  I have been thinking about doing this for awhile now, but just haven't made the leap-this is me making the leap.  We have had a family blog for about 7 years now and I have all but stopped posting over there.  I guess life has just gotten in the way.  But I think that it's mostly been because it's a family blog and the things that I want to talk about most, aren't just family things.  I want to post about thoughts on motherhood, running, exercise, eating healthy, new family traditions, baking, DIY projects (eventually, when I have a house :), about life in general.  Sure, there will be posts about my kids and family, but overall, I wanted to have a blog that is just mine, written mostly for moms, who might share a common interest or two with me.  I hope that you will find something on this blog that you will connect with.  I'm not trying to be a professional blogger or anything, but while I'm running or driving, I find myself writing blog posts in my head.  It's often very therapeutic for me, as it helps me work through thoughts and issues I am going through in my life- with my kids, small living space, lack of organization, bouts of unhappiness... whatever.  I get some genius ideas while writing blog posts in my head and I always feel like I want to share these things, but the words never make it from my head to the computer.  This is something I want to change.  Especially as my little family and I are on the verge of many big changes coming up soon... we will be moving to Tennessee, we will have a backyard for the first time in 6 years!!  Nate will be starting a new job, my older boys will be starting at a new school and little Barty will be starting school for the first time.  I will probably start taking a class or two in preparation to apply to nursing school sometime in the near future, hopefully we will be buying a house within the next year... lots going on and I am going to want to process it and I want a place to do that.  This is that place.

I also hope to post new recipes I find as I continue on my journey to have a healthier lifestyle.  I have been gradually incorporating clean foods into my diet.  I'm not 100% clean or anything ridiculous like that.  But I am doing my best to cut out refined sugar and flour, finding different ways to satisfy my sweet cravings.  So far I am enjoying this journey.  I have several resources where I find information and inspiration, and so I want to spread the wealth of knowledge.

Basically, this is going to be a modge podge of goodness.  I like pretty things, so I'm going to talk about pretty things I find.  I like to run and do yoga, so I am going to talk about various races I'm training for and how yoga helps me with both my mental and physical health.  I am going to talk about motherhood and how my kids drive me insane, but how I love them anyway and wouldn't trade this job for anything.  I am going to talk about my husband and how awesome he is. :)  I am going to talk about books I just read- fair warning, I love chick-lit and basically have to force myself to read anything that could be considered as "cultured".  I love to travel and I hope to do more of it with my family, so that will be on here too.  I love to plan and throw parties, and kinda wish I had endless funds to collect fun dishes and glassware to along with every imaginable party theme.  But alas, I do not, but I will still enjoy these bursts of creativity when they come along and then share them with you. 

I've come to realize that there are many things that make me, me.  I enjoy many things in this life, and while I'm not the greatest at all of them, I have decided that that doesn't matter.  As long as I can dabble a little bit in everything, I'm a happy girl. 

Ok, so there you have it!  I hope you will join me on this journey of "everyday" motherhood and life in general.  Please bare with me, as I am realizing how out of the loop of technology I am... blogger has changed and I don't really know how to use it anymore.  I don't know how to set my blog up with links or pictures or change the color or layout.  Wow.  Lots to brush up on.  The blog won't look like much for awhile, but I hope that will change soon. 

Until next time...

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